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Your Podcast Digital Twin

Drives listeners to your premium content while answering questions about your episodes.

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A digital twin for

Twinbox makes podcasting a two-way street for podcast creators and their listeners

Podcast creators 

Drive podcast traffic to the website

Now I get more newsletter traction from folks who come to my to website to chat with my "digital twin".

Increase revenue through upselling premium content

I'm promoting my programs and coaching sessions to podcast listeners when they talk to my "twin" on my website.

Podcast listeners

Ask questions about specific topics from your podcast 

Find exactly “that” episode at once

Craft episode summaries and handbooks

Twinbox knows everything about your podcast and talks with your listeners just like you would

I can see what people ask, then build on concepts we’ve introduced. It’s a no brainer.
I was skeptical about Twinbox, but holy cow. Our listeners ask tough questions and it answers them significantly better than I could. Plus, it’s now an ingrained part of my workflow for planning and drafting episodes.

Brian Scordato

| Tacklebox, Idea to Startup


How it works 

Step 1

We upload your podcasts

Now a digital twin knows all episodes your listeners are curious about.


Let the chat begin!

You pick the spot for fans to chat with it. Your website? Partner platform? You got it!

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Step 2

Get to know your folks

Understand your audience better with AI-generated reports revealing their interests and needs.


Step 3

Join the pre-launch list to get early access to your Twinbox

Bring your digital twin to your podcast!

Thanks for joining!

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